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Frank DiVita is an artist, author, and lecturer.In 1970 an awakening experience left him with the gift of oracles similar to that of Nostradamus. Although simple in structure, at first the quatrains  were almost impossible to understand . Over the years, like a completing puzzel coming into being, these spiritual words started to cross reference themselves,  revealing a bigger picture: Frank noticed that the oracles were creating  an ancient spiritual language.


Once he understood it, this language would become a key,  similar to the  Rosetta Stone, that would  unlock the "Hidden Mysteries" of Gods written Word,   illuminating for us the deeper meaning of : The Creation, Religion, Past Lives, Karma, Soul-connections and the very nature of Good and Evil. 




"From rebirth ....again and again...This book is a journey to the interior of One's Self.....When we finally understand the relationship  between "Christ and Buddha"....and adhere to their inner guidance, we will understand ourselves, our relationship to others, and the world.

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