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It’s as if we live a life confined to a few pages within the middle of a novel, never knowing the beginning and never having any knowledge of the ending.

In not understanding the Why of our Creation, we respond and react to the repetitive trials and tribulations that confront us armed only with the tools that were given to us by our parents. Parents who themselves have lived a life of the in-between. As the blind leading the blind, we continue forward on the road that perpetually merges within itself, leaving us always going in a circle. 

Religions have attempted to come to our aid, but their own need for power, money and position, have distorted the clarity of the message of what it is to be a Spiritual Human. Religion; a crutch that may be used as a stepping stone, enables us to walk forward, yet leaves us with no possibility of ever running or flying within any freedom of living, in the direction of our own choice to God.

Our human mind has also attempted to come to our aid, but the mind has great attachments due to its driving force…the EGO. The Big Bang needed to satisfy the human ego has created the  fictional lives of the Annanaki; and fantasy filled past realities involving Alien transplants and cloning. Dissertations fashioning a whole human evolution by the genetic manipulations of extra terrestrials searching for gold.


Or, on its more conservative level, the mind by tapping into the surface of the truth, has adopted a prepackaged series of intellectual mantras, seemingly, the manuals that give us the recipe to escape the wheel of our continuing incarnations. Yet in truth, our human mind can only create for us the Illusion of escape, by stealthily placing on us another mask, although appearing more beautiful and angelic, still, a more subtle mask of our own Ego. 

Written at the entry of the temple of Delphic Oracle were the words “Know Thyself.” The ancient seers knew that our spiritual journey begins by entering within the depths of our own psyche…This self created journey home resembles a snow flake, appearing the same from a distance, yet under closer inspection, it is as individual as the intricate lace that creates its beauty. 

What we need to find Joy and Peace in life, is the desire and the tools given to us by the Spiritual Teachers of Love and Compassion that have come to intercede on our behalf…The ancients were given these tools, yet, in time they were lost. Now in our time, they have returned again, and all we need to do is reach for them with a sincere heart.

VOICE of the ANGEL : "The Healing Oracles from the City of God. "Come and join with us, on your own Soul's Journey of Spiritual Self Discovery. With  this interactive book connecting with your own spiritual guidance. Love, Joy and Peace can be yours for the asking. The Teachers Oracles can point you in the direction of "Your Own Spiritual Enlightenment."










VOICE OF THE ANGEL.... ...Where do I come from ? Why am I Here? ....and Where am I going?.....Finally a book answers the hard questions of life.....

The Aten Press


Continues forward ...where The  Course in Miracles ends!

The God Chronicles



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